Do You Know Someone Who Wants to Sell?

Do you know of a neighbor or family member who could use our help? The fact that you’re here means that you were happy with the way we treated the sale of your property and we want you to know we anticipate providing the same service to any of your referrals. Did you drive by and see a property that seems to have been vacant for a while? Let us know what the address is and we’ll reach out to the owner and see if we can’t buy and renovate that vacant home on your block! We’re a full service investment company and we can help in many ways more than one.

Whether their home looks like this…
Or a bit more like this…

We’re ready to open our ears and hear how we can help them. Don’t forget we’ll buy any home in any condition and we’re not only into homes, we like land, commercial and multifamily too! Whatever the situation is, we’ll get to the bottom of it and provide the best solution for the seller.

We appreciate you thinking of us and in the case that we do end up working with the person you referred, we’ll shoot you a cash bonus check! 🙂 Make sure to include your name so we know who to reach out to!

Property or Seller of Interest

Let us know the property address you drove by or the person who's thinking of selling and the best way to get in touch!
  • Tell us any details about the seller or property you can think of here. The more details the better chance we'll have at doing business with that person!
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