Realtors don’t stress over your next listing wondering if it will sell or not.

Cash Out On My Home is a cash buyer of single-family residential properties all over Southern California. We specialize in taking on the difficult houses and situations so you don’t have to.

We’ve got you covered with our Realtor Referral Program!

Realtors, let’s talk about why you would want to sell us your client’s home rather than listing it!

  • Your client has an extremely outdated house and is unwilling to do repairs, a house that certainly will not pass inspection and may have to have repairs made in order for a lender to loan on.
  • Your client’s home has been sitting on the market for way too long and there is no sign of a legitimate buyer in sight or you’v had a buyer fall through multiple times.
  • Your seller needs to sell QUICK for whatever reason, maybe they have to relocate immediately or have already purchased another home and need to get this one off of their hands fast.
  • There are multiple issues with the property or situation, maybe it’s tenant occupied with unwilling tenants, family issues or financial issues that warrant for a quick or easy sale.
  • Your homeowner does not want to list it or market it publicly and they are looking for the most efficient and easy way to sell off market.
So how can we help?
  • We are extremely fast– As cash buyers, there is no need for financing. We can have the funds in escrow only 7 days after opening.
  • We are Flexible – Depending on your client’s time frame we can close on their desired date at anytime. Give us a day ahead notice and we can have the funds to close in escrow the next day. Whether they need to sell in 7 days or 3 months we can work with their schedule.
  • We Only Buy in Cash– What’s that mean to you and your client? No lender, no loan approval and no repairs necessary!
  • No inspections– We will not conduct a property inspection or require the property to be in a certain state or condition. The way you are selling it is the way we will buy it – completely AS IS. All we require is a 10 minute walk through.
  • You earn more and your client loves you for being the hero! – We don’t charge any commissions at all and in most cases you can double end the deal as well! Keep your full percentage, sell quicker and have a happier client!

How The Realtor Referral Program Works:

STEP 1: Submit the property address and any details in the form above.

Submit the address and all relevant details on the property that your client wants to sell. We will call you within the same day learn a bit more about the home and the situation. We buy homes as-is, in any condition. This includes major issues like cracked foundations, and roof leaks, plus outdated homes and even homes with tenants. We want to hear all about the property for sale.

STEP 2: Schedule a 10 minute walk through with our one of our acquisition agents.

One of our acquisition agents will meet you at your client’s home and do a quick, 10-minute walk-through at a time that is convenient for the both of you. This is not a formal inspection at all, we will quickly confirm the condition of the home. During our inspection if desired we can explain the entire process to you and your client and will email you both a formal offer within 24 hours.

STEP 3: Have your seller pick the closing date that best works for their situation.

Once your client accepts our offer we can open escrow and create a closing date that works best for them. In certain situation we even release funds during the period of escrow if necessary to help your client. They pick their closing date based on what works best for their situation! If they need to get out quick we can close in 7 days, if they need the funds in 3 months we can do that too!

Or just send us an email at with any property details you may have!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q. What types of homes does Cash Out On My Home Buy?

A. We purchase residential homes, condos, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and townhomes in any condition, even the worse on conditions all over LA county and surrounding counties. We do not buy mobile homes, properties outside of our geographic market, or commercial properties. We buy properties that are complete tear downs or properties in decent condition.

Q. Does Cash Out On My Home Buy MLS Properties?

A. While we would prefer all of our transactions to be completely off market if you are having trouble selling a listing that has been sitting for a while we would be happy to make an offer on it.

Q. Is Cash Out On My Home Right For Every Client?

A. Not all the time. We often are not be the best solution for a client who wants a top-of-the-market price for their home or is willing to sit on the market for a while, However we are  the perfect fit for a client who wants speed and flexibility and wants the entire process to be completely hassle free. If your client is looking for convenience, simplicity, and a 100% stress-free home sale, you’ve found the right partner.Your client may be facing medical issues, a death in the family, or simply need to relocate quickly. Cash Out On My Home is for clients who need to sidestep many of the hassles that can come with a traditional home sale, like repairs, showings, etc.

Q. Will Your Offer On My Client’s Home Be High or Low?

A. Our offers are completely designed to put your client’s convenience, comfort, and schedule first. We look at a combination of factors to determine our final offer, including the current real estate market, what similar homes have sold for in the area, and the level of repairs required for the property at hand. You will very often find that our offer is the NET price that your seller would have received if they sold on market (after commissions, repairs and closing costs). Our offer does not include ANY of the fees mentioned above and often times can be the perfect offer to get their home sold fast!