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Dealing with the aftermath of a devastating house fire can be as traumatic as the destructive fire itself. The fear of the unknown, the huge mountain of planning and repairing your home and valuables can be a daunting process. Unfortunately unexpected wild fires do occur all over California and many communities are left with blocks of fire damaged or burnt down homes. This natural disaster can affect the local market within your neighborhood and mean real trouble for the current and future value of your home depending on the damage. What decision you make next in terms of the rebuild or sale of your home will have a long term affect on you and your family’s future. If you are one of this affected home owners and are considering selling your property versus rebuilding than you have come to the right place.

How do you know if you’re ready to sell your fire damaged home?

How To Sell My House After A Fire
  1. When… you’ve already received an adjustor bid for the damages and the inspections appear to show deeper damage to the overall home that will increase total expenses to repair the house over the long run and doesn’t make sense financially.
  2. When… You’ve decided the time frame of the repairs or rebuild plus time being displaced from your home is too long of wait.
  3. When… You are at a place in your life where rebuilding does not make sense for you either financially or personally.
  4. When… The overall neighborhood is in such a dilapidated condition that nearby homes, businesses, schools or essential services will no longer be available and it does not make sense to live in the neighborhood any longer.
  5. When… Your insurance claim does not give you enough to rebuild your home or cover the cost of damages or you’ve decided you want to keep the insurance payout and start over with a new home.
  6. When… You do not have enough equity in the home to pay for the repairs and pay for the mortgage balance.
  7. And finally… In the worse case scenario, when you did not have the proper insurance coverage during the fire.
"United States fire departments responded to an estimated 
1,319,500 fires in 2017.These fires resulted in 3,400 civilian 
fire fatalities, 14,670 civilian fire injuries and an estimated
$23 billion in direct property loss (this figure includes a $10 
billion loss in Northern California wildfires)."- NFPA

What are your options when you’ve decided to sell your fire damaged house?

You can either:

Sell it AS IS… or Repair your home before you sell.

  • Depending how badly your house is damaged and working with an expert fire damage repair company the entire project can take any where from 3-5 before you have a fully habitable house.
  • Selling as is can be the easier solution is some cases. If you do not have enough to fund the repairs or have received a high enough payout to start over you can avoid dealing with the insurance company, contractors, managing the process, and, if it’s your primary residence, living through the process.

Who can you sell your fire damaged house to?

As you may have guessed most traditional home buyers may not be excited at the prospect of buying a house that has recently experienced or been exposed to a fire. Most of the times you the lender will not loan on homes with homes of this nature even if it has been fully repaired as there can often times be far deeper damage that has been currently exposed. Selling a home AS IS is almost impossible when it comes to selling to a conventional home buyer unless they have some background in working with fire damaged homes. However if you are in a position to fully repair the home and bring it back to lender approvable conditions then you may have a good shot on the market!

On the other hand a professional cash home buyer or investor who is willing and ready to pay cash on a “as-is” basis. The great news about real estate investors is that they can close the sale quickly and they have ready resources to actually purchase a fire damaged house. They can help you get out of the property quickly and effectively so you can focus on rebuilding a new life.

If you need to sell your fire damaged house quickly and want a fair cash offer, we at Cash Out On My Home can certainly help you. Call us right away at 626.542.1214 and one of our home buyers will evaluate your situation and present you with a solid offer in the next 24 hours. We are looking forward to helping you during this process and hope to relieve you and your family of many stresses. Thank you for considering doing business with us.

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