Do You Know Someone Who Said “I Need To Sell My Home Fast”?

You Can Earn up to $1,000 For Referring a Friend or Relative!

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In today’s economy and market there could be many reasons why someone would need to sell their home fast or for cash. A lot of the times those people happen to be our neighbors, relatives or close friends and the best thing we can do for them is send them in the direction of a professional company who can provide a solution to their problems. Don’t watch them struggle and wish for a way to help! Allow our team at Cash Out On My Home to  take the stress off of your hands and more importantly find out the best possible way to help your specific person in need. Whether they have just inherited a home, are facing foreclosure or divorce, dealing with probate issues and selling a family home they can receive a fair cash offer on their home and save thousands in realtor commissions and closings costs! Even if you know neighbor who owns an unwanted and headache rental,  vacant or abandoned home or troublesome property you can still receive an referral fee for helping out a neighbor in need. The open market is tough and listing a home is not always the best option for some owners but with our Cash Offer Home Buying Process we can provide a viable outlet for homeowners to net the most amount of money from their hard earned homes! Check off the good deed box when you refer a friend to us, they’re in good hands!


Here are a few scenarios in which we could be a fit for your referral!

  • Inherited a home or Selling a Home in Probate
  • Facing Foreclosure Or Divorce
  • Older or Outdated Home (Downsizing)
  • Job Relocation Or Quick Move
  • Failure to Pay Property Liens Or Tax Liens
  • Vacant or Abandoned Home In the Neighborhood
  • Unwanted Rental – Landlord Wanting To Get Out

To sum it up… if listing the home on the market and working with a Realtor is not their best option, then we may be the perfect fit for them!

What’s In It For You?

Other than helping out a friend and family member right?…     🙂

A juicy referral fee of course! Depending on the size of the profit for our investment company Cash Out On My Home will pay you up to $1,000 for your referral with a minimum fee of $500! That’s a whopping benefit for just sending someone’s info along!

Once you submit the form we will contact your referral immediately, evaluating their unique situation and setting up an accurate plan on how to execute their desired goals with the sale of their home. If the homeowner decides that we are a good fit for them then you can expect a check at the close of escrow through our third party escrow provider.  You can opt in for a mailed check or a direct wire to your bank account once the sale of their home records so you and your referral get paid from the sale of their property on the same exact day! You’ve got nothing to lose! We promise to keep you posted on your pay day throughout the entire sales process and let you know once they have successfully sold their home.