“Are you a serious real estate entrepreneur looking to join a growing team?”


We’re looking for 1-2 amazing individuals with real estate experience or a strong sales background who want to take the next step in their real estate career and learn all about the investment world, while making large commission checks and building their future to financial wealth! If you believe that Real Estate is one of the best ways to make a living and you’re driven by being successful in it, than this may be the perfect fit for you!


We are Cash Out On My Home, a small but quickly growing wholesale company that specializes in solving distressed sellers solutions and providing profitable investment deals to buyers in the Southern CA market and other Midwest States. With over 7 years in  Residential Real Estate and 2 years in Investment Real Estate we are now expanding our team and marketing efforts to lengths it’s never been before.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Someone who knows how to sell – it’s who they are at the core
  • A genuine, kind-hearted and sympathetic individual who can communicate with a multitude of personalities
  • An Entrepreneurial mindset and someone who wants to make a living in real estate
  • Someone with a strong sales background and who has related and extensive experience on the phone
  • Ideally and most preferably someone who is already in real estate
  • A team member, someone who is in it for the long haul and wants to grow with a strongly driven and goal oriented company

The Perfect Person for the Position:

  • You’ve been a realtor before or are currently one and want to jump into wholesaling or investment real estate
  • You’re a few  years out of college and you’ve been working sales for the past few years but now you are looking for a serious opportunity to grow your wealth
  • You’ve already started to invest your time and energy into real estate or Wholesaling but you are looking for the right team to support you and grow with you
  • You’re young, energetic and excited to learn ALL that you can in real estate and investing
  • You love going the extra mile, being the men-tee and learning new skills and abilities daily and you’re committed to your personal growth

All About the Position:

be your cold caller, real estate, virtual assistant

You will be the forefront and the face for our home buying company. It is your responsibility to have the utmost professionalism while truly listening and connecting with the our leads and clients. We will be providing sources to call from and systems to implement along with one on one sales training. You will either be calling remotely from home up to 20 hours a week or in or office location in Woodland Hills. We are spending a large amount monthly to pull lists from designated resources and to provide fresh leads weekly to our sales team.

*If you have experience in this field already you will be able to pick up the process quickly and learn our unique selling methods as well as the way our company specifically works and be able to generate appointments and deals within a short amount of time. If you are not experienced in real estate but have a strong sales background and a desire to be in real estate you will easily learn our conversation methods, the wholesaling process and how to convert leads into appointments and deals among much more in no time.

As the main Acquisition Sales Agent you will be forming and retaining your own leads in our CRM system and will have the ability to meet with sellers as well. Your main goal is to set up appointments for our team so we can acquire the contract on the property, once done we have a large Rolodex of buyers to quickly assign it to. 

What We Have to Offer:

  • Weekly in person or Skype coaching calls
  • High potential and probability to earn significant income in Real Estate
  • Intro and inside look into our network and systems
  • Networking and sales seminar or training opportunities provided
  • Casual environment geared towards creating an space where everyone can succeed
  • Open communication and one on one guidance
  • Opportunity to create your own leg of wholesaling business in the future as we grow and expand
  • Team Mindset and team oriented, we care about your success just as much as ours


Please read this form in entirety, we have put a lot of thought into who we believe the right candidate would be and if any of this didn’t sound like you then you needn’t apply. Only give your time to fill out the form below if this really resonated with where you are currently or where you are looking to be in the future.

We are looking to seriously invest in you if you are ready to invest in us and with us! We are only as strong as our team and we really believe that and that’s exactly the way we run our company. If this is you, let us know down below 🙂

Apply Now and Tell Us About You!

  • Tell us all about your work experience, your real estate experience or all of your sales experience!
  • How many years of sales experience (specifically outbound calls) do you have?
  • Tell us why you are applying and why you think you would be a good fit?
  • In depth please tell us what are your goals for real estate and more specifically in wholesaling?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.